Mobile phone technology is progressing at an astonishing rate. Along with that progress is the need to police abuses. You may be receiving unwanted phone calls from unlisted numbers so often that now it is bordering on harassment. You may just want to lookup the name a address behind a number because you are curious who is on the other line. Whatever the case, there are quick and easy solutions out there to help you identify that person.

1. One of the first things you can do is Who Called Me from This Phone Number? to call the phone yourself, if you are bold enough. Either call the person yourself or have someone you trust call the phone number. Remember, the purpose of the phone call is to flesh out the identity of the person so use whatever tactics you feel necessary. If you need to be rough to draw that out then be rough. If you need to be secretive then be secretive.

2. Another easy thing you can do is type the phone number into a search engine like Google, MSN, or Yahoo. This is a great strategy for finding phone numbers that belong to telemarketers or businesses that call indiscriminately. Chances are, you will not find a cell phone number. I’ve searched numbers on a few occasions and have been successful. Many people go online with the same telemarketer complaints.

3. Use a free phone directory. This is basically the online version of the bulky Whitepages books that arrive on your doorstep. You can type in the phone number you need to look up and the service will tell you the name and address of the registered number. Websites like 411, Anywho, and Whitepages list this info.

4. If you are certain the call was from a cell phone and have to look up cell phone records, then your best bet is to use a reverse cell phone number lookup. These services are easy to use, quick, and give you more than enough info to reliably identify a person. You simply type in the phone number and a report comes back showing you the name, address, carrier, and phone connection status of the person.

I’d suggest you run through the whole list of options to be comprehensive. If you just want to skip to find the number the fastest way, then use a reverse cell phone lookup. It will help you identify both landline and cell phone numbers. You can get a report for less than ten dollars. If you want unlimited access you can also get that. If you want to take it a step further, many of these services also offers background checks. Happy Searching